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October 14, 2020

As a young Indian-American woman who has lived in both the United States and India, whenever I hear of another rape case in India, my anger, frustration and grief takes over completely. It’s no different this time around. 


On September 14, a 19-year-old Dalit woman was tortured and allegedly gang-raped by four men in the Hathras district of the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Even though the woman was found...




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August 17, 2020

From a young age, three sisters—Omika, Rishika, and Aashika—took classical Russian ballet classes because of the many immigrants from the former Soviet Union that populated their community in Brooklyn, New York. Since there weren’t many South Asians in the neighborhood, their mother also wanted the sisters to connect with their own culture through dance. As a result, they began exploring different styles like Bollywood and Bharatanatyam, which fused into more contemporary methods as they grew up, and dancing became a pulse in their lives.


In April 2020, a viral TikTok video sparked instant fame, and their illuminating love for dance...



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August 12, 2020

Whether it’s being the first Indian-American Senator or the first Black woman to be elected as California’s attorney general, Kamala Devi Harris is used to standing out. She made global headlines once again when Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced her as his intended vice president on August 11, 2020. In addition to being the first Black woman to be picked as the vice presidential running mate on a major-party ticket, she is also the first Asian-American, holding significance for the South Asian community...


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July 30, 2020

Since the onset of World War II, the “hakenkreuz”—the infamous symbol of the Nazi party—is widely identified as a representation of anti-Semitism since Nazi persecution led to the death of approximately 11 million Jews during the Holocaust, and signifies trauma for many people today. Although the world is now acutely aware of the symbol’s significance and some countries have even had it banned, the usage of the hakenkreuz, which has been incorrectly called the “swastika,” has alarmingly increased in the United States due to the recent rise of alt-right and white supremacy groups...


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June 25, 2020

As tensions mount in the United States as a result of the recent killings of Black men, women, and non-binary individuals at the hands of the police, millions of Americans are demanding sweeping reforms in the name of racial justice, including defunding the police, increased resources for minority communities, and more.


As protests and social media help spread awareness about systemic racism and police brutality, many people are left wondering if actual change will come about from this (now) global movement to protect and uplift Black lives. With a president known for his racist sentiments...


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May 27, 2020

As we’ve seen in past global health crises, the expert opinions of healthcare professionals are particularly valued as we fight through COVID-19. Due to their extensive knowledge of symptoms, preventative measures, and treatment, healthcare experts—many of whom are on the frontlines treating the virus—are some of the most trusted people today.


In addition to saving lives and devising solutions, they are sharing their experiences and expertise to help keep people well-informed and healthy. Some of these reputed healthcare experts...


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Let’s be honest. You thought 2020 was going to be just like any other presidential year, right? Wrong. The deadly COVID-19 has shifted attention from the 2020 presidential election to the disease and how countries are responding to the outbreak.


This year, the United States is on track to vote for a new president, 35 Senate seats and all seats in the House of Representatives. There are also essential local races happening all across the country, in addition to the primary elections. However, COVID-19 has caused...


May 13, 2020

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May 5, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to affect millions around the world, countries have rushed to respond to the crisis: from declaring a state of emergency to increasing humanitarian aid funding, all types of measures are being taken to stop the disease’s spread. While the pandemic is affecting countries in different ways, one aspect is clear: women and girls are being uniquely impacted. One of these impacts is....


April 28, 2020

The current pandemic that’s wrapped itself around the world is COVID-19, a highly contagious infectious disease that originated in Wuhan, China and has infected more than 600,000 people, having claimed more than 100,000 lives in the U.S alone. This disease has spread worldwide, having killed more than 27,000 around the world in countries like China, Italy, Iran. 

To prevent further spreading of the disease, experts are working around the clock to develop a vaccine, include an all-female team...


March 22, 2020

Sexual and reproductive healthcare issues have now rapidly come into the spotlight, with the contention of Roe v. Wadethe domestic gag rule, and the closing of abortion clinics, actions spurred in part by more pro-life individuals dominating positions of power within the U.S government. Although many people are familiar with the benefits of reproductive healthcare services and information — increased wages for women, reduced maternal deaths, and the ability to plan when and how many children to have — most don’t realize...


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March 20, 2020

Love in the Time of Climate Change is a play recently performed at the Atlas Intersections Festival in Washington D.C. Written and produced by first-time playwright Rozina Kanchwala, a brown woman who works in solar energy and experiences climate anxiety herself, Love in the Time of Climate Change weaves together intersectional issues many young people face today: the threat of climate change, migration policies that tear families apart, and amidst all of it, the struggle to find love.


Kanchwala’s play aims to introduce audiences to the subject of solastalgia – a psychological and emotional state...


August 13, 2019

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I never thought I’d be where I am today. Working in reproductive health at the United Nations Foundation? Living in one of the largest cities in the United States? Some people will probably never have the opportunities I’ve had as a 23-year-old but instead of recognizing my achievements and how much I’ve grown personally and professionally, I constantly think about how I need to be more like others...



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