By Alexsis Skeen | January 4, 2021

Shriya Bhattacharya is the definition of a global citizen and change agent. Although Shriya only graduated from Agnes Scott College in 2018, she has accomplished more than some dream to accomplish in a lifetime. She has lived in 3 countries including India, Belgium, and the U.S. and visited 12 others. Her writing has been published in Teen Vogue, Brown Girl Magazine, and Ms. Magazine. She currently works as a Program Associate for the Universal Access Project, a project of the United Nations Foundation...

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Interviewed by Sarah. A. Murray | July 1, 2020

On the inaugural episode of A. Gilman Podcast, 2017 Gilman Scholar Shriya Bhattacharya introduces us to her adventures in Brussels, Belgium, and how her experiences abroad led her to land her dream post-graduation job at the United Nations Foundation.


Shriya Bhattacharya is an Indian-American former Gilman Scholarship alumna (Belgium, 2017), who now works in Washington D.C at the United Nations Foundation as the Coordinator of the Universal Access Project. She is also...


By Angelica Silva | June 24, 2020

What does success look like to you? Generally, you would expect a unique answer from most people you ask this question to. But for many children of immigrants and their parents, their response to this question echoes one of the most deeply-rooted stereotypes socially constructed within immigrant cultures. Too often, children of immigrants are pushed to compromise their intellectual passions for a highly skewed definition of success — to entirely achieve financial stability. Pursuing traditionally practical career pathways, most notably within STEM, is extremely prevalent...


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